SQLSaturday 367 – Pordenone, Italy

I will be speaking at SQLSaturday #367 in Pordenone, Italy on February 28th, 2015.

My session will be focused on using R (http://www.r-project.org/) in SQL Server environment for purposes of statistical analysis and purposes of data cleaning, data importing and data exploring.

Using R with SQL server data will help data scientists and data analysts prepare, explore and validate data much easier, as well as to use wide range of statistics; from uni-variate to multivariate.Session will focus mainly on:1) on connecting R Language with SQL server using standard ODBC connectors and T-SQL procedures. 2) how to validate data with using classical statistical methods on SQL transactional data. 3) how to use R output in SSRS and bring extra information to reports.

Session Level: Intermediate


8 thoughts on “SQLSaturday 367 – Pordenone, Italy

  1. Hi Tom,

    Please pardon me if I misspell your name or called with wrong name!

    I have a question. few couple of days back I was searching something about R and SQL server and found an article showing some data on Order and analysis /forecast about detecting fraudulent vendor using R SQL Server and SSRS.

    not sure if it was from you or from someone else.
    I forgot to save the link of that.

    Please share of let me know if you have the link if it is not from you.



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