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NT Conference 2015, Portorož, Slovenia

Join us on May 18th, 2015 at  20th  NTK Conference in  Portorož, Slovenia. I will be presenting a “Dive into SQL Azure Machine Learning” exploring in cloud based brother of SQL Server SSAS and exploring the ML algorithms supported with

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Fastest date tally table

This is by far the fastest way for a date tally table to create: select convert(nvarchar(10), dateadd(day, row_number() over (order by (select 1)) -1 , getdate()) , 104) from master..spt_values And the best part it can be used with any

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Unicorn injected my T-SQL code

SQL Injection is a very known problem. After brief unicorn discussion on twitter with @DBArgenis and @way0utwest. I came to work today to find my T-SQL Code being injected by a unicorn! Yes. By a unicorn. I quickly managed to

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Connection Manager in SSIS

Connection Manager is SSIS technology being used and a location of the data being used. It has a type of data source (or OLE DB Provider), Authentication (which is Identity to be used to connect to this data Source) and

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Measure types in fact table

Fact table holds the measures data for measuring the performance of your business. Your business might be sales, purchasing, inventory, logistics, banking, telephony data, and many more. Normally, one fact table represent a line of core business and it usually

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Type of dimensions in Business Warehouse (BW)

Several types of dimensions in your Business warehouse: Conformed: dimension shared among several fact tables (e.g.: a single product categorization that is used by all business aspects). Non-Conformed: dimension targeted to a single fact table dimension where part of attributes

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Speaking at SQL Saturday Lisbon 2015

So excited to be speaking at SQL Saturday Lisbon this year. I am sure, it will be a great event in a beautiful city, lovely people and great food. (not to mention my favorite – coffee). My session will be

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