SQL Saturday Bratislava #419

SQL Saturday Bratislava #419 was a great success!

2015-06-22 09_38_07-SQLSaturday #419 - Bratislava 2015 _ Event Home

The event is over and organizer – Karol Papaj (@KarolPapaj) with help of other 3 volunteers made a tremendous job making this SQL Saturday event more intimate and connected. The venue was Microsoft Slovakia (@microsoft) and with more than 60 attendees from Slovak Microsoft community showing up, this was bound to be a nice and great event.

Two tracks took place one in Borneo and the other in Madagascar room 😉 it was just what the community needed. The selection of speakers was also great; coming from Slovenia, Austria, Serbia, Croatia, Poland, Bulgaria and also from USA.

Speakers room goodies 2 3 4 5-raffle

(on photos: Organizer Karol Papaj (@karolpapaj) with some of the speakers Dejan Sarka (@dejansarka), Miloš Radojevič (@milosSQL), Matija Lah (@matijalah), treats for speakers in speakers room and Microsoft’s history in showcase with interesting products).

Couple of moments from the event with the raffle at the end, with some nice prizes; from books to goody bags.

I will all the best to organizers and compliment to all the speakers for delivering and making this event awesome. I hope SQL Saturday Bratislava will also be organized next year and building a strong and technically orientated community.


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