24 HOURS OF PASS -Evolution of the Data Platform #24HOP #sqlpass

24 Hours of PASS – Evolution of the Data Platform event is here! 25-26 May, 2016, starting from 12:00 GMT will be a great line-up of presenters, speakers, community SQL Server people, MVP, bloggers.

2016-05-24 11_36_43-24 Hours of PASS_ The Evolution of the Data Platform _ About

24 one-hour webinars will be presented to you live. Register online and enjoy the sessions.


This will be my second 24HOP – in 2015 I have done a session on R – and this year, I will be co-presenting with Julie Koesmarno and we will be focusing on 5 techniques of beautiful dat

a insight.




NT Conference 2016 – Slovenia (#ntk16)

From 16. – 18. May 2016, biggest Slovenian Microsoft NT Conference will take place. Several content tracks will be covered, with lots of Slovenian Professionals and MVP, as well as lot of International professionals and MVP Speakers will be part of big event.

Conference will have following tracks:

  • Analytics and Data,
  • Productivity,
  • DevOps, architecture
  • IoT,
  • Cloud and Development,
  • Application development,
  • Servers and management,
  • Security,
  • Operation Systems

And of course our SQL Server international community and SQL Family (because we are a family) will also be there, all in Analytics and data track.

You will be able to see sessions from: William Durkin,  Andre Kaman, Gianluca Sartori, Prathy Kamasani, Cathrine Wilhelmsen, Alex Whittles, Tomaž Kaštrun,  Jasmin Azemović,
and Denis Mušić. Part of Slovenian SQL Server community speakers, besides myself, you will be able to chat Matija Lah and  Mladen Prajdić. Unfortunatelly Dejan Sarka will be not be with us this year. You will also be able to meet guys from Microsoft Slovenia and hope to see Dejan, Sašo, Gašper, Grega et.

NTK Speaker

Come and join us on Analytics and Data track, covering very interesting new things made available with SQL Server 2016, interesting topics, products and ideas.

Since the community zone  wasn’t (officially) announced, we will be there in the lobby, or at the party in the evening and will be happy to chat with you or answer any of your questions. Especially if you will have questions on Query store in SQL Server 2016, which will be the topic, I will be presenting.

Feel free to tweet as much as you like about the conference, use hashtag #ntk16.

Friday 13th with T-SQL – a “shortest” competition

Just for orientation, here is a quick T-SQL code to find out the next Fridays, that will be on 13th day of the month.



WHILE (@d < '2099/01/01')
        IF DATEPART(dw,DATEFROMPARTS(YEAR(@d), MONTH(@d), 13)) = 5
                SELECT @d AS Friday13
        SET @d = DATEADD(m,1,@d)

I set datefirst = 1 just in case you might have any other regional/language setting, noting that week starts with monday. In accordance with this, I can part the date and look for 5th day of the week (which it will be friday in this case).

Can you come up with shorter function in T-SQL that it would list dates of next couple of Friday the 13th? For example with OVER clause, CROSS APPLY, JOIN, CTE or  CURSOR? only imagination is the limit 🙂 Tally table can also be used.

SQLNexus wrap up #sqlnexus

SQLNexus 2016- the Nordic data conference for  Microsoft SQL Server took place from 2. – 4. May, 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark. With 600+ attendees and broad variety of topics covered by speakers from all around world, it was outstanding and great conference. A great chance to meet the experts, learn and hear about new and upcoming features and expand the community.

With conference over, I must give complements to organizers for making a lovely two days for the SQL Server community and bringing outstanding speakers to the event. Topic and track selection was great, keynotes were great and also the pre-con day was – based on what I have heard – also a great success; talked with Davide who delivered Azure Machine Learning workshop.

First day of the conference on the morning with the look at the Cinemaxx Fisketorvet and the display board with SQL Nexus and Nordic data conference.


With the SQLNexus hero starting at the entrance


After the first day of the sessions party was held at the venue with Casino motive.


After my session: SQL Server 2016 and R Engine-powerful duo I have had an opportunity to chat with local community at the Community Zone, answering the questions to those who were intrigued to go deeper on SQL Server and R issues; e.g.: scalability of RevoScaleR library, questions on performance of R and SQL Server, finding the optimal algorithms, comparing the R on premises and Azure ML and pricing policy of upcoming SQL Server 2016.

Overall, I was happy to be part of Danish SQL Server community, deliver an interesting session and dive into the T-SQL and R code, performance issues and scalability. And to meet new people, attendees, speakers and have a beer or two with organizers. And a special thanks to organizers as well; Regis, Kenneth, Kennie, community zone people, SQL Clinic people and many many more.

Looking forward for SQL Nexus 2017!