SQLNexus wrap up #sqlnexus

SQLNexus 2016- the Nordic data conference for  Microsoft SQL Server took place from 2. – 4. May, 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark. With 600+ attendees and broad variety of topics covered by speakers from all around world, it was outstanding and great conference. A great chance to meet the experts, learn and hear about new and upcoming features and expand the community.

With conference over, I must give complements to organizers for making a lovely two days for the SQL Server community and bringing outstanding speakers to the event. Topic and track selection was great, keynotes were great and also the pre-con day was – based on what I have heard – also a great success; talked with Davide who delivered Azure Machine Learning workshop.

First day of the conference on the morning with the look at the Cinemaxx Fisketorvet and the display board with SQL Nexus and Nordic data conference.


With the SQLNexus hero starting at the entrance


After the first day of the sessions party was held at the venue with Casino motive.


After my session: SQL Server 2016 and R Engine-powerful duo I have had an opportunity to chat with local community at the Community Zone, answering the questions to those who were intrigued to go deeper on SQL Server and R issues; e.g.: scalability of RevoScaleR library, questions on performance of R and SQL Server, finding the optimal algorithms, comparing the R on premises and Azure ML and pricing policy of upcoming SQL Server 2016.

Overall, I was happy to be part of Danish SQL Server community, deliver an interesting session and dive into the T-SQL and R code, performance issues and scalability. And to meet new people, attendees, speakers and have a beer or two with organizers. And a special thanks to organizers as well; Regis, Kenneth, Kennie, community zone people, SQL Clinic people and many many more.

Looking forward for SQL Nexus 2017!



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