Sharing thoughts on satRdays R Conference, Budapest 2016 #satRdays


First satRdays in Budapest September 03, 2016 event is completed. This one day, community driven event with regional for very affordable prices, good for networking, getting latest from R community event is over. And it was a blast! Great time, nice atmosphere, lots of interesting people and where there is a good energy, there is a will to learn new things. And that’s what we did!


September 3rd, 2016 satRdays event took place at MTA TTK building in Budapest. When morning workshop were over, the event took off with keynote with Gabor Csardi sharing his experiences with R, CRAN and internals on his packages, following the speakers, lightning talks and at the end the visualization competition.

Speakers presenting were:speakers.jpg

With absolutely outstanding schedule:

2016-09-06 13_55_35-satRday @ Budapest 2016.png

Sessions were outstanding and people were create, talks covering from practical, technical, visualization and package-wise topics and I was thrilled to be part of it.



2016-09-06 13_48_38-Gergely Daróczi (@daroczig) _ Twitter.png2016-09-06 13_47_41-Gergely Daróczi (@daroczig) _ Twitter.png


Selfie photo with Bence and Gergely.


Closing the day with pizza and visualization talks.

2016-09-06 13_49_19-Gergely Daróczi (@daroczig) _ Twitter.png


Since it was R event, some statistics: 192 registrations -> 170 showed up (11% drop off rate) and speakers from 19 countries. Cca 180 lunches served,  lots of coffees (I had 4) 🙂  and tea drank and highest density of R package authors in Budapest on September 3, 2016.

 (some photos are courtesy of Gergely)

And some twitter statistics as well:

490 tweets with hashtag #satRdays (from 01SEP2016 – 04SEP2016)

Top 10 most active twitter handles (order desc): @tomaz_tsql, @romain_francois, @BenceArato, @SteffLocke, @daroczig, @torokagoston, @thinkR_fr, @InvernessRug, @Emaasit, @matlabulous  and many many others…

Most retweeted tweet by Kate Ross-Smith @LaSystemistaria

2016-09-06 14_18_42-@LaSystemistaria_ To all of the lovely - Twitter Search

Most adorable tweets (I must admit we can all agree) were the ones Romain proposing to his long-time girlfriend Cecile. Tweet scored highest number of favorites! (112 of the time when writing this post)

2016-09-06 14_22_00-Romain François (@romain_francois) _ Twitter.png

Word associations with official hashtag #satRdays  were

      lunch       kboda     putting     romance        buns         pic   andypryke       where        back       break       enjoy   firstever          gt       proud     sponsor       super   tomorrows          we 
       0.49        0.43        0.43        0.43        0.37        0.37        0.35        0.35        0.32        0.27        0.27        0.25        0.25        0.25        0.25        0.25        0.25        0.24 
satrdaysorg    proposal 
       0.22        0.20

Love is correlating with satRdays very good these days! 🙂 Not to mention food! Overall, 55% of tweets with positive and 45% with neutral sentiment.

To conclude: just great event! If you missed it, well… don’t do it again! 🙂

Thanks again to organizers (Thank you Gergely, Steff and the crew) and to all the speakers, volunteers, sponsors and R Consortium.

And just couple of words on my presentation: Microsoft R Server with SQL Server 2016, where I showed what a great job Microsoft did and how well RevoScaleR Package performs was accepted great, and I had couple of interesting questions and people coming to me to learn more.


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