Microsoft MVP Award

On October 1st, 2016 humbled to be received Microsoft MVP Award. And today, October 17th, a special package awaited me at the post office. The award it self.

The actual certificate to the MVP award for the Microsoft Data Platform category (SQL Server).

2016-10-17 19_29_21-20161017_182352_1476725338721.jpg ‎- Photos.png

Besides the award, many goodies were also included in the package. One of them are stickers.  I am sure there will be plenty of computers to put these stickers on. And bikes, fixed geared bikes, coffee mugs, etc. 🙂

2016-10-17 19_30_01-20161017_182324_1476725338890.jpg ‎- Photos.png


What does the award mean to me:

  1. it means to work with passion
  2. it means combining  the love of the work with  expertise / knowledge
  3. it is gratitude to what I have been doing on the Microsoft SQL Server platform
  4. it is a confirmation and – yes – an award to what I have been doing so far.


In terms of changes, nothing has changed in particular with this award. Keeping passion in what I was doing so far is also my future plan.I will continue to strive for better and keep the improvements up with everything that I do. Helping others and taking care (remember sharing is caring) of community and continue spreading the passion for T-SQL and statistics, of course.

Thanks to everyone,  world-wide SQL Family and SQL, T-SQL, NoSQL, USQL, PowerShell, DataMining, Python, MachineLearning, Azure, Spark, .NET, C#, well you get the picture… friends, people inspiring me, people pushing me and a special thanks to Microsoft for this award. I have to stop before it gets really corny.

Unfortunately no T-SQL or no R code is available for this blog post. 🙂



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