Little useless-useful R function

Nothing spectacular, but yet interesting little useless R function for playing with strings and chars.

Converting Sentence case text to mixture of all and small caps resulting in sentence in mixed case.

For example:

"This is useless R Function that seems to exists."


 "This is UsEleSS r FuNcTion THaT SeEms To ExIsTS."

And many other mixture of cases. So by calling this function, the results will give you the mixed cases string.

MixedCases <- function(stavek){
nov_stavek = ""
cifra = 0
crka = ""
is.upper <- "[A-Z]"
is.lower <- "[a-z]"

for (crka in strsplit(stavek, "")[[1]]){
    if (nchar(nov_stavek)<2){
      random_stevilka = sample(0:1, 1, replace=TRUE)
      if (random_stevilka == 0){
        nov_stavek = paste(nov_stavek,toupper(crka), sep = "")
      else {
        nov_stavek = paste(nov_stavek,tolower(crka), sep = "")
     if(( grepl(pattern = is.upper,  x=(strsplit(nov_stavek,"")[[1]][(cifra-2)])) &  
         grepl(pattern = is.upper,  x=(strsplit(nov_stavek,"")[[1]][(cifra-1)])) |  
         grepl(pattern = is.lower,  x=(strsplit(nov_stavek,"")[[1]][(cifra-2)])) &  
         grepl(pattern = is.lower,  x=(strsplit(nov_stavek,"")[[1]][(cifra-1)]))   ) == TRUE){
          if (  grepl(pattern = is.upper,  x=(strsplit(nov_stavek,"")[[1]][(cifra-1)])) ) {
              nov_stavek = paste(nov_stavek, tolower(crka), sep = "")
          else {
           nov_stavek = paste(nov_stavek, toupper(crka), sep = "")
    else  {
          random_stevilka = sample(0:1, 1, replace=TRUE)
         if (random_stevilka == 0){
          nov_stavek = paste(nov_stavek, toupper(crka), sep = "") 
        else { 
          nov_stavek = paste(nov_stavek, tolower(crka), sep = "") 
   #cifra = cifra + 1 

Talk about useless functions πŸ™‚

Code is also available at Github. Feel free to improve it with even more wackiness πŸ™‚

Happy Rrrring πŸ™‚

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8 comments on “Little useless-useful R function
  1. […] by data_admin [This article was first published on R – TomazTsql, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers]. (You can report issue about the content on this page […]


  2. RP says:

    Hi Tomaz, fun useless function! I do think there’s room for making the code shorter by using lapply and removing some (what look like unnecessary) ifelse statements. My take on it:

    random_cases <- function(string) {paste0(
    lapply(1:nchar(string), function(char) { # Loop over characters in string
    ifelse(sample(c(T, F), 1), # Toss a coin
    toupper(substr(string, char, char)), # Convert to upper
    tolower(substr(string, char, char))) # Convert to lower
    }), collapse = "") # Stitch string back together

    random_cases("This is an useless R Function that seems to exist")

    I think it has similar behaviour, or am I missing something? Cheers!


    • tomaztsql says:


      This is super awesome and much appreciated.

      Had to make an extra stretch to write it in a useless manner. Lapply function is spot on function to do the job and I had a similar solution using lapply prepared, but decided to make it longer πŸ™‚

      Thanks for your solution and support.


  3. AmD says:

    Even shorter:

    randomCases <- function(inS){
    paste0(sapply(unlist(strsplit(inS, "")), function(x) ifelse(sample(0:1, 1) == 1, tolower(x),toupper(x))),collapse = "")



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  4. Alex Zolot says:

    MixedCases <- function(stavek){
    ss= strsplit(stavek, "")[[1]]
    rn= sample(1:2, nchar(stavek), replace=TRUE)
    s2= Map(function(s, i) list(toupper,tolower)[[i]](s), ss, rn)
    return(paste0(s2, collapse=''))
    MixedCases("This is useless R Function that seems to exists.")


  5. […] the first little useless-useful R function MixedCases gain a lot of interest in the R community, let us not stop here. […]


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