R Framework for SQLServer 2016

R Framework for SQL Server 2016 is a set of procedures to help you run statistics and predictions with SQL Server 2016 and Microsoft R Services. With this framework will enable and help you with:

  • Help you with access, security and starting issues
  • R Package installation
  • will log all the activities and store the results
  • running uni-, bi- and multi-variate statistics
  • help you profile and clean the data
  • help you understand and use RevoScaleR library
  • make the use of sp_execute_external_script very easy


Script available at Github.


History of revisions and new versions:

13.08.2016 (Version 0.2.2)

  • list of libraries added
  • installing libraries using xp_cmdshell

01.08.2016 (Version 0.2.1)

  • logging and installation enabled
  • simple statistics added (Frequencies, Correlations, Correlations with p-values)
  • checking the presence of libraries